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On 24 May 2022, Rezalliance launched the  “International day against harassment and for inclusion in the world of work” in partnership with StrukturELLE Association and the support of key personalities et institutions such as HEG Fribourg, Fondation Foyer Handicap and Fer Genève.

The first edition of the international day took place on 24 May 2023 with the word Performance as key topic and was structured around a series of webinars in the morning followed with a round table at the auditorium of la Fédération des Entreprises Romandes (FER) Genève in with:

– The first godmother of the initiative: Madam Micheline Calmy- Rey, former President of the Swiss Confederation and current President of the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation.
– The ambassadors of the initiative: Olivier Sandoz, Deputy General Director of the “Fédération des Entreprises Romandes de Genève” (FER Genève) and Vincent Subilia, General Director of the Geneva Chamber of Commerce (CCIG)

– Other brilliant panelists also shared their expérience et advice: Gaya Gamhewage (Director, Prevention & Response to Sexual Misconduct at World Health Organization – WHO), Dr Eleanor Nwadinobi (President of the Medical Women International Association – MWIA), Tal Schibler (President of the Disability Home Foundation)

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