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SINCE 10.10.2020


SINCE 10.10.2020

A network of professionals from various backgrounds forming an alliance around humanistic values, with the key mission to advance inclusion in the world of work:

50+ members

10+ nationalities

20+ areas of expertise: law, science, healthcare, sociology, coaching, research, etc.



The Commitee’s role is to define the strategies, objectives, programmes and activities of the association.
Members of the board have experience and expertise on topics covered by REZALLIANCE.







Joëlle Payom

Founder & Chair

Nearly two decades working in the corporate world in France and Switzerland, taught me a lot about exclusion and the difficulty of organizations in grasping the impact of inclusion on their overall performance. Many discussions with a broad range of subject matter experts led me to design a pragmatic “systemic response to a systemic issue”.







Ashley Knight

Board Member

Inclusion. Every one of the eight billion human beings in this complex world seeks to be noticed, liked, and accepted into his or her family and social circles and strives to be a responsible and competent participant and member of all the different life and working environments he or she encounters.


A reciprocal relationship is at the heart of every kind of successful individual and general human development. If I see, hear, understand, and respect others, I expect that others will do the same for me. If I or others step away from this truth, someone will begin to be hurt and then we all begin to fail.


For me, an Anglo-Swiss architect, Rezalliance truly meets a societal need, and the vision and approach deployed have a concrete impact on improving inclusion in the world of work.







Christelle Helman

Board member

Beyond my responsibilities as deputy mayor for which I strive to meet people’s needs and improve human relationships, my professional career has taught me the need to promote inclusion in the noble sense of the term. Both individual development and collective growth rely on our ability to include the diverse identities of humankind. We will gain more from including and sharing; society and the business world will only prosper. It is simply humanity on the thread of life.
The impetus and professionalism of REZALLIANCE, in support of organizations, resonate naturally and factually in a win-win approach! The solution.



With many years of experience in various fields, the members of the Advisory Office bring their expertise to support the implementation of strategies and actions resulting from the missions of REZALLIANCE. The Advisory Office acts as a sounding board for the Executive Board, offering advice and assistance when needed.







Béatrice Bourgeois

Business Intelligence Documentary information specialist







Denise Efionayi

Deputy Director- Swiss Forum for the study of migration and population.







Sonia Mesbahi

Social psychologist

Rezalliance’s humanist values ​​and its mission to support the society towards greater inclusivity, convinced me to take part in this wonderful adventure. The professional environment constitutes one of the cements of our existence. When it is impacted by different forms of harassment then it becomes destructive for individuals but also for the organization. Rezalliance’s innovative approach based on a holistic and systemic vision, provides efficient responses to transform the relationship between employees and employers. Rezalliance is at the intersection of everyone’s needs: the assistance og those affected  by harassment and discrimination and the advice to organization impacted by these situations right down to their performance and their brand image. So let’s no longer attempt futile solutions by isolating these issues, but let’s create a synergy together to transform the world of work.



The value of our ecosystem is based on a key element: The variety and complementarity of our members.
The subject experts who support our missions and actions also embody the diversity from which Rezalliance draws its strength.

The access to the list of subject matter experts is limited to our members only.
Identification via the email address registered.

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